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18 June 2020

Trace x Greenthesis, the project to rethink the management of the waste cycle

If it is true that our economy is increasingly data-driven, demographic trends offer us interesting insights on how the world is changing and on what it will be like in 20 or 30 years: ignoring this information means wasting a great opportunity. The world population is getting older: in 2017, nearly 1 billion people were over 60 years old. By 2050, this figure will have reached 2.1 billion, exceeding the initial value in a few decades. This is a good news, because it means that people are living longer, but it also means more expenses and consumption. Urban areas, which will be increasingly densely populated, will have to face a great challenge and completely rethink the management of the waste cycle, their treatment, recovery and the potential deriving from their energy enhancement. There’s more. Within the current processes and technologies, innovation could bring interesting growth and development opportunities for new industrial sectors, with a virtuous path of environmental sustainability. 

The Trace x Greenthesis project was conceived in this direction. Created by Greenthesis Group and realized in collaboration with Circular Economy Lab, Trace x Greenthesis is placed in the selection of innovative entrepreneurial projects focused on the themes of the integrated waste cycle. 

“Our initiative reflects the company’s will to support projects and activities aimed at respecting the ecosystem and spreading knowledge regarding the awareness that a production system capable of generating development and economic growth must also guarantee environmental sustainability, the saving of raw materials, the reduction of waste and the correct management of the waste cycle ”, explains Vincenzo Cimini, CEO of Greenthesis.

Specifically, the Trace x Greenthesis project consists of a call for startup that will be followed by an assessment and pre-selection phase of the innovative startups and SMEs candidates. Finally, a Selection Day to select the projects that will be developed in collaboration with Greenthesis.

The thematic areas of the Trace x Greenthesis project refer to three specific areas:

  1. The Value of Waste: Waste to Materials – solutions to enhance by-products and waste in order to favor upcycling, zero waste and cross-supply chain collaborations.
  1. Circular Technology of Biological Cycle – solutions aimed at promoting the enhancement of the biological matrix of waste, also with a view to industrial symbiosis, and the upgrade of existing technological solutions.
  1. Circular Services Platform – solutions to support waste management and environmental performance monitoring processes by encouraging the involvement of stakeholders.

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