Accelerates towards a competitive transformation
29 September 2021
Which challenges for the circularity of the plastic packaging sector

The circular economy model consists in designing out waste and pollution from products and services, in keeping materials in use through multiple cycles, in regenerating the natural capital extracted from the planet. At present, the plastic packaging sector is instead based on a mainly linear model of production and consumption (e.g. disposable products) and it needs a circular transformation to generate positive externalities on the environment and society, while maintaining the competitiveness of the sector.

06 September 2021
Call4Circular Packaging - The value of vegetal fibers starts today

Call4Circular Packaging - The value of vegetal fibers, the circular open innovation project created by the Circular Economy for Ecopack starts today with the aims to identify innovative materials in vegetable fibers. The goal is to replace vergin plastic packaging and containers used in the food sector.