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25 February 2021

Circular Economy Lab for “The Circulars Accelerator”

The adoption of an economic system that is no longer linear will be crucial to determine how the world will be able to respond to the current pandemic and to the many complex global climate challenges. By embracing the circular model, we can create a healthier, more equitable, thriving ecosystem that spreads value for all through the economy and society.

In order to achieve the mission to accelerate the transition to this new approach, create value and impact for the network and promote collaboration within the ecosystem, Intesa Sanpaolo, together with the Circular Economy Lab, decided to support The Circulars Accelerator.

The acceleration program - Accenture’s initiative, in partnership with Ecolab and in collaboration with the World Economic Forum - catalyzes circular innovation through the collaboration of innovators and entrepreneurs with industry leaders and circular experts to obtain new circular solutions.

The Circulars was born as the first world's awards program for individuals and organizations which sustain the Circular Economy and, in this context, highlighted more than 1.500 cases of circular excellence across over 70 countries, supporting the transformative actions of the international circular agenda.

This is how The Circulars Accelerator arose, a six-month accelerator program that allows participants to work closely with circular industry leaders and professionals, with the aim to improve the adoption of their solutions in terms of speed and scale.

208 innovators who submitted their application, from 50 different geographic areas, for the 2021 edition in which Circular Economy Lab took part as a supporter, examining 20 of the applicant startups which may have access to the program. The entry of Massimiliano Tellini - Head of Circular Economy, Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center and CE Lab partner - contributed to strengthen the partnership within the Advisory Group of The Circulars Accelerator, together with some of the main profiles that guide global thinking on the Circular Economy and that will follow, as mentors, the innovative realities for the next six months.

After the examination of the applications, the selected companies will have access to a remote program that includes: tailored support from program partners and circular experts, 1-1 mentoring and innovation workshop.

The program will culminate in an Innovation Showcase, an event where The Circulars' network of innovators and experts will take the stage to reflect on the achievements of the acceleration process and to establish possible collaborations to proceed towards a more circular future.