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19 May 2022

ESG Laboratory: circular economy in the automotive industry

The collaboration between Circular Economy Lab and Intesa Sanpaolo continues for the ESG Laboratory: the project that supports Italian companies in the sustainable transition through in-depth meetings and workshops in which the companies participating in the project share their experiences and are supported in the identification of improvement actions and initiatives.

The "ESG: Innovation Laboratories" workshop was held on May 3rd, 2022 and was dedicated to the circular economy in the automotive industry.

During the event, curated by Circular Economy Lab, the principles related to the circular economy paradigm in the automotive industry were shared and explored. The main topics included:

  • The impact determined by the transport system in terms of greenhouse gas emissions and the wide improvement margins achievable through the adoption of circular rules;
  • Critical issues related to the supply of increasingly scarcity of raw materials and the evolution of the market towards new consumption habits, such as sharing economy and electric mobility;
  • Main levers to support the circular transition that has now become indispensable.

During the presentation were explored trends, legislative landscape, successful cases and relevant innovations at the Italian and international level, which demonstrate a growing interest in the transition towards circular production and consumption models that minimize inefficiencies along the value chain and maximize the value of products.

To contextualize the application of the principles of circular economy in the automotive industry, the Circular Economy Lab presented its advisory services and showed, through the ReSOLVE framework, innovative case studies of corporate companies and startups that are implementing solutions and processes aimed at the transformation of their business model in a circular perspective.

The ESG Brescia Laboratory was born from the partnership between Intesa Sanpaolo – Direzione Regionale Lombardia Sud, Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center, Brescia Chamber of Commerce and with the support of: Circularity - the first industrial symbiosis platform dedicated to the circular economy in Italy; Nativa - the first B Corp and Benefit Company in Europe; Circular Economy Lab; CSMT - Start-up incubator, research and transfer center 4.0 and competence center; Pro Brixia - special company of the Brescia Chamber of Commerce.

The initiative contributes and supports the achievement of the sustainable transition of companies, to build a new way of doing business and a greener future for the whole country.

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