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30 June 2020

IKEA and Ellen MacArthur Foundation: together to become circular by 2030

Recently the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the leading international player on circular economy issues, announced IKEA joining its network of partners. Specifically, IKEA becomes Strategic Partner of the foundation, with the aim of transforming itself into a completely circular company by 2030. The Swedish group joins the Foundation’s team of international strategic partners, which already sees the participation of large companies such as Blackrock, Danone, DS Smith, Google, H&M Group, Intesa Sanpaolo, Philips, Renault, SC Johnson, Solvay and Unilever.

Announced on 2 June 2020, the partnership between Inter IKEA Group and the Foundation will focus on transforming the interior design and accelerating the transition to a circular economy within IKEA and on a global scale. One of the first joint projects, announced at the beginning of June 2020, is the development of a common glossary of specific terms, aimed at spreading the culture of Circular Economy also in the furniture sector. 

IKEA has been committed for years to environmental and social sustainability, and pays great attention to the choice of materials for its products. Thanks to the circular economy, the company takes a further, even more ambitious, step forward.

In this respect, Lena Pripp-Kovac, Chief Sustainability Officer of Inter IKEA Group, stated: “Becoming circular is one of our great ambitions and challenges for the future. It’s a transformational step across our entire business, from the way we develop our products, services and core materials; to the way we work through the supply chain and meet our customers. Our goal is to give a longer life to products and materials through the four circular loops: reuse, renovation, regeneration and recycling.” And she added: “We are very grateful to work with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to accelerate our transition and make the circular economy a central part of the entire home furnishings industry.

The partnership will focus on several key areas, including promoting circular design and supporting a new generation of designers. In addition, IKEA also offers support to work with key policy makers, with the aim of launching new initiatives to encourage customers to acquire and recycle products in a circular way.