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16 December 2020

9 startups and 30 corporates attends the Demo Day event of Circularity goes digital

There are 131 startups and innovative SMEs that have applied, from almost 20 countries, to the call of "Circularity goes digital". The initiative promoted by Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center, Cariplo Factory, Microsoft, and carried out by the Circular Economy Lab, aims to map the most qualified innovative solutions to support the circular transformation of companies through new partnership opportunities.:

With a RTL that in 70% of cases is equal to or greater than 7, and in 37% is 9, the companies that have proposed innovative solutions respond to one of the 3 interest areas of the call according to these percentages:

●     47% for supply chain optimization

●     32% for design out waste & pollution

●     21% for products & materials life extension 


After the selection and scouting phase of startups and innovative SMEs, the selected companies entered the 2nd step of the project by participating in the plenary presentation event of the most interesting realities in the morning and in the meetings of deepening and matchmaking with companies in the afternoon.

More than 30 are the brands, top players in the multiutilities, navigation, fashion, automotive, process automation, infrastructure and mobility, electro and home app, energy and furniture fields, that participated in the Speed Date Networking event to get in touch with innovative realities.

Here are the 9 startup/SMEs - four Italian and five international - that presented their project during the morning plenary session:

  1. 1Trueid, offers a blockchain solution that, based on NFC technologies, easily integrates with the existing company supply chain and is able to manage massive micro transactions.
  2. Enerbrain, produces IoT sensors for intelligent use of energy in buildings, allowing operational savings, without any drastic changes or replacements to the existing systems
  3. Latitudo40, SaaS platform to turn Earth satellite imagery into geospatial information to support everyday decisions and update companies IT infrastructures.
  4. Sfridoo has developed Rifiutoo, the smart waste management software that encourages a virtuous use of resources. It intercepts all the players in the waste supply chain and helps companies aim for better management of their waste.
  5. Actility, Low Power Wide Area enabler platform for IoT device and solution suppliers through end to end validation, orchestration and monetization services.
  6. Process Genius, Digital Twin platform to connect seamlessly to industrial systems/software capable to grant transparency on production processes, energy consumption, maintenance, quality.
  7. ZigZag Global, software solution to help ecommerce retailers manage returns, costs and waste domestically and globally, connecting them  to a global network of over 220 warehouses to over 200+ carrier services in over 130 countries.
  8. Repack, reusable packaging service for e-commerce, whereby delivery packages can be conveniently and easily returned, and then reused, that costs 30% less, creates 78% less CO2 and reduces landfill waste by 92%.
  9. RazorLabs offers AI solutions to build tailor made neural networks for process optimization predictive maintenance, visual inspection, production monitoring and other video analytics applications.

The event was opened by Massimiano Tellini - Head of Circular Economy, Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center and Partner Circular Economy Lab - who talked about the development of the "Circularity goes digital" initiative and the future programs of the CE Lab.

The systemic transition to the Circular Economy paradigm is accelerating. Digitalisation and innovation are decisive factors that, together with training, can ensure the Made in Italy #leadership of the new economy on a human scale and in step with the future

Then Riccardo Trubiani - Strategy & Planning Lead, Microsoft - intervened and brought on stage the point of view of the partner of the initiative:

Today there are 11 million tonnes of waste in the world. Microsoft together with Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center and Cariplo Factory through Circularity goes digital promotes the use of cloud technologies such as AI, IoT and Blockchain in line with our 2030 'zero waste' objectives of Ambizione Italia and Digital Restart”.