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24 June 2021

The “Alliance for the Circular Economy”: the thematic notebooks

The Alliance for the Circular Economy launches the second edition of the thematic notebooks, the initiative conceived by 18 companies including Intesa Sanpaolo.

The Alliance for the Circular Economy was created with the aim of pursuing and making the issue of circularity more concrete, in order to minimize the consumption of matter in all its forms. For this reason, it actively involves Made in Italy companies, leaders in various production sectors. Today, the growth of interest in the initiative and the increase in the number of participating companies is confirmed by the participation of 18 Italian companies involved for an amount of 139 billion in turnover and 319 thousand employees.

The work carried out by Alliance for the Circular Economy, in order to promote the transition towards the circular economy, also consists in the launch of a cycle of publications, the notebooks. The notebooks refer to four fundamental themes for the development of circularity:

  • Circularity measurement
  • Circular finance
  • Circular economy and decarbonisation
  • Circular economy in territories and cities

Through the publication of the Notebooks, Alleanza explores the key issues for the proper development of circularity, starting from the re-evaluation of Italy's competitiveness through its excellence. The goal is to provide support to businesses in the transition towards sustainability and to support supply chains in the transformation towards a circular economy.

In particular, the Measurement Notebook, the result of a collaboration between several experts of the field, contains a series of tools that are necessary for the evaluation of the achievement of results in terms of circularity. It presents the key elements for measuring circularity, identifies any critical issues, and formulates strategic proposals for companies and policy makers.

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