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04 September 2020

Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center and Cariplo Factory with Microsoft for Circularity goes digital

The circular economy aims to decouple business and local area economic growth from the consumption of finite natural resources to safeguard a planet that will host 9 billion people by 2050.  Digitisation is an enabling factor for the transition to the circular model: digital platforms, artificial intelligence, internet of things and blockchain are already streamlining the design, production, consumption, reuse, repair, regeneration, recovery and end-of-life management of products.

To support the development of an open innovation ecosystem, thanks to which seize the opportunities offered by technological and financial tools to spread circular economy, on the 3rd of September the “Circularity goes digital” initiative kicks off, promoted by Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center, Cariplo Factory, Microsoft and developed by the Circular Economy Lab.

The initiative aims to map the most qualified innovative solutions to support the circular transformation of companies through new partnership opportunities.

Circularity goes Digital develops in 3 phases and is aimed at post-seed startups and innovative SMEs able to propose innovative solutions belonging to three specific areas:

      Accelerate the design of zero waste products and processes based on renewable sources.
    Increase the effectiveness and optimize the business models of the circular economy, especially with a view to an integrated supply chain.
    Develop the infrastructure needed to keep products and materials in use longer.

The first phase of Circularity goes digital was held between September and November with the selection of the startups.

The chosen startups will have the opportunity to participate in the second phase, which includes an introductory workshop on open innovation methodologies and matchmaking with interested companies.

In the third phase, which will take place in the first six months of 2021, partnerships between companies and startups will be activated with the launch of possible pilot projects and a development programme coordinated by CE Lab. Microsoft will provide technological support and access to the Microsoft for Startups programmes, while Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center will evaluate the merit and feasibility of the projects for access to the 2018-2021 Intesa Sanpaolo circular economy fund with up to 5 billion euro made available to businesses that commit to adopt the circular model.

Circularity goes digital will culminate with the startups and enterprises establishing roadmaps to develop industrial and commercial relationships.

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