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03 June 2022

Circular Economy Lab meets the startups of B Heroes

The Circular Economy Lab team meets the startups of the fifth edition of B Heroes for an event dedicated to the principles of the Circular Economy; a workshop in which were discussed the fundamental topics for the sustainable development of startups were discussed.

B Heroes is the program for innovation and promotion of new business that is aimed at young companies, to provide financial support, entrepreneurial culture and visibility, as well as opening the companies world to open innovation, promoting the exchange between new and traditional companies.

This year the program introduced the startup master, defining a new tailor made acceleration path consisting of workshops and advisory increasingly focused on responding to the needs of startups but also to social and environmental needs: such as the one co-designed together with the Circular Economy Lab.

During the workshop, after an in-depth focus on open innovation in which were explored advantages, benefits and application methodologies, also corporate culture, circular business models and the tools of the Circular Economy were discussed. One of these, the ReSOLVE framework, has been examined in all its phases (Regenerate, Sharing, Optimize, Loop, Virtualize, Exchange).

The case studies faced provided a concrete example of the application of the principles of the Circular Economy.

There are three startups in the fifth edition of B Heroes that operate in the Circular Economy sector, specifically:

"The circular transformation of the economic system must start from sharing principles and good practices, an indispensable lever to build the Italian entrepreneurial fabric of the future" - Flavio Visone, Circular Economy Analyst @ Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center 

The Circular Economy Lab of Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center and Cariplo Factory contributes to the evolution of the Italian economic system and disseminates new models of value creation by accelerating the transition to Circular Economy models with advisory, education and networking activities.