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25 luglio 2022

Aquila Energie and Call 4Energy: the challenge of sustainable mobility is won "together"

"We have decided to launch the Call 4Energy | The Mobility Evolution with the Circular Economy Lab because we firmly believe in the transition towards sustainable mobility and we are convinced that these battles cannot be won alone”. Filippo Cecchi, CEO of Aquila Energie.

Founded in the early 1950s by Bruno Cecchi, and still run by family members, Aquila Energie is the manager of a network of fuel distributors operating mainly in Tuscany and Umbria, committed at the forefront of the ecological transition in the fuel supply of the vehicles sector, connected to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda.

The role of innovation in Aquila Energie and our commitment to the mobility of the future

Our company wants to create value by continuously innovating, looking for solutions that benefit the customer, the environment and the community. Innovation in Aquila is continuous and present at all levels: from the technical ones linked to the modernization of the network of our sales points to the management of internal procedures, processes and training. Innovation, for Aquila Energie, means doing what no one has yet thought of, with all the positivity that the term brings with it.

Operating in the distribution of fuels, through our service stations, we have always placed ourselves at the service of mobility and any related need, including the necessary power supply for the cars of the near future. We have decided to take an active role in this sector by offering our contribution to promote more sustainable behaviors, starting from the design of the sales points to the constant maintenance of the latter, to reach the digitalization and remote control of the network.


The launch of Call4Energy | The Mobility Evolution and the solutions that interest us most

In this context, we have decided to launch the Call4Energy | The Mobility Evolution with the Circular Economy Lab because we believe that certain battles are not won alone. We are convinced, in fact, that there are many young realities that can provide strategic solutions to develop new services and new products, with the appropriate resources (not only economic resources, but also through the comparison with those who have gained decades of experience in the sector). The synergy that arises from the meetings between companies like ours and startups is, in our opinion, the key that will allow us not only to overcome the challenges that the energy transition places before us, but also to exploit all the growth opportunities that the energy transition prospects.

Solutions for the supply of alternative and renewable energy sources, solutions for the digitalization of internal management systems and customer interactions are some of the most important areas for us, because sustainable mobility and customer focus are the company's strategic objectives in the long run. From the applications to Call4Energy we expect both strategic solutions, in one or more of the areas of interest identified, and further stimuli to our curiosity and our need for further knowledge in the field of development and innovation.


The centrality of the final customer and the ability to anticipate future needs

Our industrial plan for the next three years revolves around the theme of the centrality of the final customer: the customer must perceive the stop in an Aquila store as an experience perfectly corresponding to his needs for safety, sustainable choice and optimization of time, given by the possibility to access more services and speed up refueling, payment and comfort operations. The goal is to get to know better the final customers in order to be able to intercept, anticipate and satisfy their wishes, before and better than competitors: "innovating", in this sense, means introducing a novelty that improves what exists, to meet new needs and anticipate the future.

Filippo Cecchi, CEO of Aquila Energie

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