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17 November 2020

Let’s get the collaboration of the Greenthesis Group with the 5 startups selected in the Demo Day started

Trace x Greenthesis ended, the project of Open Innovation - realized by the Circular Economy Lab for Greenthesis - aimed at startups in the post-seed phase and innovative SMEs, with the aim of supporting the growth of innovative projects in the different areas of the integrated waste cycle value chain, able to offer functional solutions to the Greenthesis activities and areas of interest.

Between more than 60 startups that applied to the project, 10 of them were selected to access the Selection Day and had the opportunity to present their project to the Evaluation Committee composed of representatives of Greenthesis and answered to an intense Q&A session.

Clariter, Captive Systems, Carborem, Iride Acque, HBI: these are the five "circular" startups that have passed the final selection and will begin a path of strategic collaboration with Greenthesis on circular economy issues.

The Trace x Greenthesis call focused on three strategic areas:

  • The Value of Waste: Waste to Materials – solutions to enhance by-products and waste in order to favor upcycling, zero waste and cross-supply chain collaborations.
  • Circular Technology of Biological Cycle – solutions aimed at promoting the enhancement of the biological matrix of waste, also with a view to industrial symbiosis, and the upgrade of existing technological solutions.
  • Circular Services Platform – solutions to support waste management and environmental performance monitoring processes by encouraging the involvement of stakeholders.
  • “Our initiative - comments Vincenzo Cimini, CEO of Greenthesis S.p.A. - confirms the company’s will to support projects and activities aimed at respecting the ecosystem and disseminating the awareness that a production system capable of generating development and economic growth must also ensure the environmental sustainability, leading to the saving of raw materials, the reduction of consumption and waste and the proper management of the waste cycle."

    Greenthesis, which has been one of the leading Italian integrated players for over 30 years, decided to launch the Trace x Greenthesis project together with the CE Lab according to the European directives aimed at building resilient infrastructures and stimulating innovation.

    The tool specially launched by the European Commission to repair the economic and social damage caused by the coronavirus pandemic, start recovery and prepare a better future for next generations, known as "Next Generation EU" and the total value of 750 billion euros, considers sustainable investments in the circular economy, already outlined in the green transformation strategies of the European Green Deal, one of the key pillars for emerging from the crisis and fostering sustainable and long-term growth.

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