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06 dicembre 2023

Cicular Agents: launch of the civic education program designed by CE Lab

Continues until February 2024 the pilot edition of the "Circular Agents - Laboratorio di Futuro", the civic education course for secondary schools of I level in Lombardy conceived by the CE Lab and realized by WeSchool with the support of Intesa Sanpaolo and Fondazione Cariplo.

A free course of Civic Education for secondary schools in Lombardy, to help young students to learn the actions and behaviors appropriate to promote circular and sustainable transition: this is the goal of the project "Circular Agents - Laboratorio di Futuro", designed by the Circular Economy Lab and realized by WeSchool with the support of Intesa Sanpaolo and Fondazione Cariplo.


The educational path of "Circular Agents" provides a series of educational, theoretical and practical activities, designed to involve students in every moment of their school and family life. Thanks to the support of specialized tutors and to the comparison with a dedicated community teachers will be able to find format, resources and teaching materials to prepare classroom lessons, while students will use a specific digital space for follow the lessons and participate in laboratory activities.


In detail, Circular Agents will develop through three preparatory modules composed of videos, cards, readings and other materials on the topic of circularity. Each module consists of a real laboratory, to be carried out in a cooperative manner and aimed at the production of a real elaborated. The students, in the role of "Sherlock Holmes" of circularity, will finally realize a survey aimed at measuring the level of awareness in terms of sustainability of classmates, relatives, friends and reference communities, learning in this way to collect, analyze data and present the information obtained in a logical manner and developing their deductive-scientific abilities.

A real project of "Citizen Science" to map the habits and knowledge of circularity and contribute to the change of their territory. 

For information and registration please visit the following link