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14 ottobre 2022

The Circular Economy Lab meets IVECO at the “Next Mobility Exhibition” event

The world of transport is in a phase of profound change and among the trends that are most redefining the rules of the market is certainly the phenomenon of sharing mobility.

The spread of solutions offering shared vehicles is growing exponentially, albeit mainly in large urban centres, and the number of users who prefer to take advantage of shared transport rather than have a private vehicle is constantly increasing, especially among the new generations. The expansion of this market is also favoured by the innovative solutions offered by MaaS world (Mobility-as-a-Service), which offers users the integration of various forms of transport and related services into a single comprehensive and on-demand mobility service.

These new models emphasise the shift from a concept of vehicle ownership, to a logic of use, varying according to habits and needs, and force the automotive sector to shift focus from selling the product, to offering an ecosystem of flexible and personalised services.

Sharing mobility is the most typical and illustrative example of the broader panorama of the sharing economy, a key principle and fundamental enabler of the circular economy model. 

Iveco Bus, during the 'Next Mobility Exhibition', the event on public and private transport innovation held in Milan between 12 and 14 October 2022, showed that they are well aware of the challenges that are revolutionising the sector, confirming their commitment to shared mobility through investments and partnerships. These include the partnership with Via, a developer of innovative solutions for on-demand transport, whose technology is a strong enabler of innovative mobility solutions.  

The Circular Economy Lab supports Iveco in this transformative journey. Through the involvement of experts, companies, startups and Venture Capital, key information and points of view on the market opportunities of the MaaS world will be gathered, focusing on the technologies and business models available on the market today, as well as on the competitive models of the landscape. 

Through study and analysis by the Circular Economy Lab team of experts, the Iveco Group will be helped to identify an effective value proposition in line with its strategy.